What is Starlink? & How much does it cost?

Starlink is a six-year-old division within SpaceX, an aerospace manufacturer and space transportation company.

It has spent three years launching more than 1,000 satellites into orbit, and it recently scored $885.5 million in grant funds from the US Federal Communications Commission. 

It's now offering preorders/sign-ups, and in February 2021, Elon Musk disclosed that Starlink now serves more than 10,000 customers.

The idea is Starlink's satellites can connect you to the internet. Starlink promises to deliver "high-speed broadband internet to locations where access has been unreliable or completely unavailable".

There are other satellite internet service providers out there, too, such as HughesNet or Viasat, but Starlink is more well-known because of its connection to Elon Musk and SpaceX.

There are a few components to Starlink: The satellite internet constellation (which is also called Starlink) that beams internet access down to Earth,

the ground-based hardware needed to connect to Starlink's satellite internet service, and the subscription fee that SpaceX charges for you to use its internet.

How much does Starlink cost?

The internet service itself costs $99 per month (plus taxes and fees). It also costs $500 for the mountable satellite dish and router.