These Are 4 Amazing Features Onboard The India-bound Kia EV6

Lounge in the front seats while charging


A feature that Kia calls Auto Relaxation seats allows the power adjustable front seat to recline back in an optimized position for comfort using a single button.

You can also slide the seats back to open more room for your legs. This feature is feasible, thanks to the interior layout that offers abundant space in the rear. 

The relaxation seat feature is expected to be used when the driver has plugged their car in to charge at a public station.

Augmented reality head-up display


Head-up displays, albeit the basic ones, are an increasingly common feature nowadays. However, an augmented reality HUD is a new generation of technology, usually limited to the likes of the S-Class.

It displays all the key bits of information like navigation, speed, speed limit detected, blind-spot safety details and turn-by-turn signals on the windscreen.

This makes it easier to keep track of more information of the EV’s various premium technology features without having to look away from the road ahead.

Car-to-load technology


The vehicle-to-load function turns the car into a portable power outlet which can be used to either power or charge any appliance or equipment. 

It has a power supply of up to 3.6kWh; however, you can’t operate it while the vehicle itself is plugged in for a recharge.

Compatible across charging infrastructures


The EV6 can support 800V charging with a rapid charge capacity of up to 350kWh, which can top up the car from 10-80 percent in around 18 minutes.

You can also use the more conventional 400V system without the need of an additional adaptor, thanks to the clever charging infrastructure implemented by Kia. 

In comparison, its direct rival in India, the Volvo XC40 Recharge, only supports upto 150kWh of charging.