Samsung transforms smart fridge into television

Samsung has announced the availability of a new update for its Family Hub refrigerators, which includes Samsung TV Plus, an ad-supported live TV service. In addition, these television-turned-fridges.

At Bespoke Home's second annual event on Tuesday, the business announced that the new update would be available in July on the list of Family Hub 2.0 models.

However, live TV will only be available in Korea and the United States. Users of Samsung's smart fridge may watch television on the fridge's touchscreen, which is already connected.

Another intriguing feature of the item is that both Amazon's Alexa and Samsung's Bixby voice coexist in the refrigerator.

Users of Samsung's latest electronic endeavour will have access to an application called Art Gallery, which converts the screen of the television gadget into a work of art.

The screen comes in a variety of colours and features a bezel-less design that lets the art merge into the fridge door. Furthermore, the user may adjust the colour according to their own tastes.

The fridge's in-built camera technology, which allows users to scan goods placed inside and receive suitable recipe suggestions on the touchscreen based on the components included in those products.