How does Thor stop the God Butcher?

Once Gorr receives the All-Black's power, he plans to destroy all of the gods. He loses and seemingly dies at the hands of Thor, 

but death continues to be a suggestion in the world of comic books. Gorr enslaves Shadrack, the god of bombs, and forces him to make the god bomb's ultimate weapon.

A weapon powerful enough to kill all deities throughout all space and time. Gorr wreaks havoc across the universe, and gods are no match for Gorr.

Not because he possesses abilities far more extraordinary than their own, but rather because his sheer determination and will are stronger than theirs.

In this century-long plan, Gorr was able to remake his family and regain a twisted version of the life he lost. 

Unfortunately for Gorr, giving life, fighting for the innocent, and feeding his own hubris, means he’s no different from those he sought to destroy.

After more time traveling, Thor from the past, present, and future must work together to stop the God Butcher’s reign of terror. 

The three Thors have all battled Gorr at different points in their lives and were never able to defeat him. Together, the three still aren’t strong enough.

It takes present-day Thor using two Moljnirs and gaining possession of the Necrosword to finally end the God Killer’s rampage and stop the god bomb.