These are 6 hormones the reason for your weight gain

These are 6 hormones the reason for your weight gain

If your weight keeps on decreasing and increasing, then you should know about your hormones well because sometimes hormones can also be the reason for your weight gain. If it fluctuates, it is also common to have the problem of obesity. Talking about women, they have to go through many such phases in their life, which include reasons like PMS, menopause, stress, and pregnancy. No matter how much dieting or yoga you do to lose weight unless you balance hormones properly, you will not get proper results. So let’s know about hormones, which affect our weight to a great extent. If they are controlled in time, then the problem of weight gain can be got rid of.


(1). Leptin Hormone

When your body is completely healthy, leptin’s job is to tell you that your stomach is full and you don’t have to eat anymore. But when we start eating more junk food outside, the fructose present in it starts getting converted into fat. This fat gets deposited around your liver and belly and due to their excess, the brain starts ignoring the signals that stop eating. Therefore, your weight may increase due to this also.


(2). Insulin Hormone

This insulin is taken out by the pancreas and is needed to use glucose as energy. If you start eating more unhealthy food then your body starts increasing insulin resistance, in which your cells block insulin. This causes glucose to only circulate in your blood. Due to this your obesity also increases and you can also get infected with diabetes.


(3). Estrogen Hormone

If estrogen levels become high or low, then you start gaining weight. High levels of estrogen can be harmful to the cells that make insulin, which can increase insulin resistance and raise your blood sugar level, which can lead to weight gain. Even if the level of estrogen becomes very low, you can get stubborn fat deposits on your belly.


(4). Cortisol Hormone

It is a steroid hormone. This hormone increases more when we are stressed, angry, or in extreme depression. If the cortisol level becomes high, then more fat starts accumulating inside your body, due to which your body starts becoming fat.


(5). Progesterone hormone

If you want your body to be healthy and active, then estrogen and progesterone must be balanced. If progesterone levels are low, it can lead to both weight gain and depression. Changes in this hormone usually occur when you are going through menopause, taking an antibiotic, or taking a hormonal birth control pill.


(6). Testosterone hormone

The function of this hormone is to burn fat and strengthen muscles, but due to stress, etc., its levels start decreasing, which can lead to weight gain.


These hormones are also the reason for women’s health problems

[1]. Endometriosis

In a medical condition, this means that your estrogen level is too high and progesterone is too low. This is a condition in the body that causes endometrial tissue, which is found on the inside of the uterus. It causes pain during periods. It is common to gain weight along with swelling in the body. To produce higher estrogen levels, the body removes fatty cells and converts energy into fats to maintain glucose levels, which are one of the main causes of weight gain.

What to do

To keep estrogen levels balanced, you should avoid consuming alcohol and eating processed fat, and work out regularly. In addition, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables can help you maintain estrogen levels.


[2]. PCOS

An imbalance of similar hormones in the body causes polycystic ovary syndrome. It causes pain, swelling, and weight gain. It is not necessary that weight gain in PCOS. But if you are already overweight, then it can become very difficult for you.

What to do

The best way to deal with the problem of PCOS is to improve your lifestyle. Do regular exercise. If you have gained weight, control it. In such a situation, it is important for you to lose at least 5 to 10% of your weight. Also, check your blood sugar level and eat nutritious food. Apart from this, consult your doctor.


[3]. Menopause

Every woman has to go through this phase of a decrease in estrogen level one day or the other. In such a situation, the level of estrogen keeps on decreasing continuously. Due to this many types of physical problems start increasing, due to which naturally weight also starts increasing.

What to do

After menopause, they often have an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Should exercise regularly.


Follow these steps

[1]. If you feel that due to hormones, you are facing a lot of problems in losing weight, then you can take the help of hormone replacement therapy.

[2]. You get a body checkup and try to keep yourself away from stress as much as possible. Weight gain and weight loss are influenced by many factors.

[3]. Sometimes these hormones are controlled and sometimes they are not. This happens many times when obesity keeps on increasing and it becomes very difficult to control it.

[4]. Fluctuations of many hormones in the body cause ever-increasing weight. Therefore, understand the signs of these hormones in time and consult a doctor, because the right treatment and right care at the right time can save you from obesity.

[5]. You have to follow a healthy lifestyle to keep your weight in balance. For this, you exercise and get a dietician to make a good diet chart for yourself so that all these hormones can be balanced and you can keep yourself away from other diseases as well.

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