The growing trend of physiotherapy

The growing trend of physiotherapy

Most people think that physiotherapy is only for the elderly, bone patients, or revelers, but the truth is that physiotherapy is now being used in almost every disease. how and why? Let’s learn

Usually, doctors send patients for physiotherapy. But now many people are aware and have started taking advantage of this therapy themselves. Physiotherapy is most commonly used by women and the elderly. About 70-80 percent of the elderly take advantage of this method. There is about 40-50 percent of the people who use this therapy in adults, who are recommended it after accidents etc. This therapy is used in the case of congenital problems in children such as polio, brain or physical development, and 10-20 percent of children take physiotherapy. Many hormonal changes occur in women usually after 45 years, due to which they start to develop hormone imbalance, calcium deficiency, joint problems, etc. In such a situation, women need more physiotherapy than medicines.


What is physiotherapy?

Taking medicine alone is not enough to get rid of the pain. Apart from this, there are many such therapies, which can relieve pain without medicine. Physiotherapy is one such therapy. The mode of treatment done by making the muscles active through exercise is called physical therapy or physiotherapy or ‘physical therapy’. Since there is no need to take medicines in this, the question of their side effects does not arise. Physiotherapy is also called physics treatment. It is a branch of medical science itself. There is a different method of treatment in this, in which the pain is relieved by exercise, hand exercise, and pain relief movement. The purpose of this therapy is to know the causes of the disease and get rid of that disease. The patient is to be released. This therapy works in a way to refresh the body. It helps in functioning well in the physical, mental, emotional, and social spheres. Doctors, physical therapists, patients, family members, and other physicians contribute a lot to physiotherapy.


Why is physiotherapy necessary?

By walking daily and doing a little physical work, the body is not fully exercised. In such a situation, the correct balance of the muscles is not formed. Today our lifestyle has been reduced to luxury and comfortable gadgets like computers, laptops, and mobiles. Due to this, sitting in the same posture for many hours is taking the form of many physical and mental diseases. Back pain, joint pain, neck pain, and pain in the arms and shoulders usually arise due to continuous sitting in one position.

There is a misconception among people that going to the gym and exercising is always beneficial. Which exercise is suitable for your body, also depends on your body, so only light exercise done daily proves to be better for your body. According to a physiotherapist, before choosing an exercise for your body, you should consult a doctor. If you are suffering from any disease or pain, then doing any exercise without the advice of a physiotherapist can aggravate your disease. Therefore, take the help of physiotherapy to maintain the proper balance of muscles and pain in different parts of the body. In this method, you can get rid of your pain by utilizing exercises.


benefits of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is commonly used in bone and joint problems, asthma, bronchitis, paralysis, cervical, spondylitis, back pain, slipped disc, cardio problems, sports injury, neuro-related problems, weight control, and women problems. But anyone can take advantage of this therapy and this therapy. Physiotherapy heals the joints and bones as well as the heart and mind.

Physiotherapy is a medical method that does not require medicines, injections, and operations, but regularity and moderation matter a lot. Even if the weather is cold or the weather is changing. If there is a pain in any part of the body and you do not want to take medicines, then there is no need to worry. With the help of physiotherapy, you can get rid of your pain without taking medicine. but forPhysiotherapist’s advice is extremely important. Physiotherapy attempts to strengthen the body. So that all the muscles of the body become strong.


The effect of physiotherapy is effective in these

  • Hormonal changes and stomach problems
  • Bone and joint pain
  • Neck, shoulder, knee, or injury pain
  • Accidental pain


Neurological problems physiotherapy treatment

In physiotherapy, with the help of machines, ie electrotherapy, relief is given to the disease. Machines are mainly used in machines like Tense, Traction, IFT, Laser, Ultrasonic, etc. Apart from this, the wax method is also used in some treatments. Its treatment method also focuses on exercise. The doctor examines the symptoms of the disease and prescribes the help of exercises and equipment accordingly. For treatment, patients have to exercise under the supervision of a doctor for several days or several weeks. For those who shy away from medicines, injections, operations, etc., this method is very beneficial to them, because the treatment is beyond these.


Types of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is becoming popular as a major method of treatment nowadays. Although it is beneficial in many diseases, it is not limited to diseases, but it is also effective in the treatment of injuries, fractures, etc. Especially in sports and in the treatment of internal injuries caused by gymgoers. Even in sprains, physiotherapy provides great relief. Apart from this, the help of physiotherapy is taken to maintain the functionality of the body parts even after any type of surgery. What kind of therapy should be given for which disease? It is decided in different ways keeping in mind the condition of the patient, his condition, his lifestyle, etc.


  1. Electrotherapy– In this, drugs are not used, but through modern machines, the pain is relieved by waves, if in the treatment of internal injuries caused by nerve pain. Even in sprains, physiotherapy provides great relief. Apart from this, the help of physiotherapy is taken to maintain the functionality of the body parts even after any type of surgery. Which disease, and which type of therapy is to be given, is decided in different ways keeping in mind the condition of the patient, his condition, his lifestyle, etc.


Electrotherapy- In this, drugs are not used, but through modern machines, pain is relieved by waves, even if there is swelling along with pain in the nerves, it also gives relief in pain and swelling, waves directly on the painful part- Directly exerts its effect, while treating it, cold hot compress, IFT, laser ultrasonic machines are also used.


  1. Orthopedic manual therapy – Sometimes when the patient suddenly feels pain, in this situation, many times the doctor uses orthopedic manual therapy to give quick relief to the patient, by this the muscles and bones moved from their place back to the same place. But, it is adopted to get rid of the problems of the neck, back pain, joints related to sports, etc.


  1. Combination Therapy– In this method, the patient is treated with both medicine and exercise. In this, both things go together.


  1. Integrated Holistic Healing Therapy – It is used on the elderly and people who are suffering from any serious problem, in this, along with medicines, the patient’s routine is taken care of, and by changing the diet, the patient is made healthy from the body and mind.


Active movement

This treatment is for those patients who can exercise. Mild exercise is used to remove the stiffness of the body of such a patient and bring back the strength of the muscles. It is also used in lung-related diseases by increasing the capacity of the lungs through some breathing exercises and devices. Apart from this, it also proves useful in gynecological problems like conception problems, after becoming a mother, and many other problems.


Passive movement

Some patients have trouble getting out of bed after the operation. There are many other diseases in which patients prefer to lie in bed. Such a patient is treated with passive movement. Exercise is done by giving heat to the stiffness in the body, due to which the stiffness of the muscles of the body decreases, and movement starts again in the body.


Continuous passive movement

In this, the patient is treated through the heat in many ways. In this, sometimes exercise is done with the use of hands, and sometimes modern methods are treated using machines. Apart from this, physiotherapy also includes hot packs, ice packs, and hydrotherapy. Same treatment as trouble, but perfect.


Necessary advice

While getting treatment through this procedure, it is imperative to exercise restraint and get the regular treatment done. During the change of season, there is an increase in stiffness in the muscles and joints. In such a situation, the difficulty for those people increases more, who have any problems related to them. Therefore, the importance of treatment by physiotherapy increases. Usually, people with spondylitis, Parkinson’s, and arthritis have more problems during this season. This healing process has a positive effect.

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