Stress affects the heart, brain, and intestines

Stress affects the heart, brain, and intestines

The human body can withstand stress, but for a limited time. A recent study has found that when stress persists for a long time, it proves to be fatal in many ways. Its greatest effect falls on the heart, brain, and vital organs. Although research is being done on the dangers of stress around the world, ways to reduce it are being explored, but it is also true that the new generation has been attacked strongly. India is also no exception. Know about the main causes of stress, its damage to the body, and ways to avoid it –


Tension prevailed over Indians

A 2018 Health Insurance survey found that 89 %  of Indians are under constant stress. At the same time, the average percentage of people who suffer from continuous stress in the world is 86. After this, in January 2019, researchers surveyed 120 villages in India and tried to find out what is the effect on the newborn when the mother is under stress? Shocking things have come to the fore in the research. It has been found that if the mother is under constant stress, it affects the child in five ways – height, weight, the activity of hands and feet, learning comprehension, and linguistic ability.

The causes of stress can be different. Work pressure, the sourness of mutual relationships, or financial constraints, whatever the reason, the effect is the same. The higher the stress, the more our bodies deal with the stress hormone cortisol. In some cases the tension becomes permanent and this condition is very bad.


Stress causes such damage to the body

If there is tension in the body for a long time, then it affects the mind. The mental power of a person becomes weak. His mood keeps getting worse. A little stress is good. This increases immunity, but if the stress remains for a long time, then it reduces the immunity. Diseases begin to dominate such a person. If there is stress in the body for a long time, then its effect falls on the functionality of a type of white blood cell cytotoxic T lymphocytes which gives the body the strength to fight diseases like cancer.


Understand how stress attacks the heart

When a person is under stress, the nervous system of the body releases sympathetic alpha-adrenergic receptors. Also, glands associated with the kidneys release catecholamines or stress hormones into the blood. The combination of these two (receptors and hormones) increases the heartbeat. Due to this, the flow of blood to the arms, legs, and heart increases. As a result, the need for oxygen in the body increases and if this need is not met, then there is a direct effect on the heart and there is a possibility of attack.


Will neither feel hungry nor will he be able to digest what is eaten

Another major attack on the body of stress is on the gastrointestinal system i.e. gastrointestinal system or digestive system. This attack takes place on two fronts. First – under stress a person does not feel hungry and second – whatever he eats, he does not digest. This causes disorders like irritable bowel syndrome. The biggest damage from IBS is to the large intestine. That is, stress also harms our intestines.


Do not be afraid of stress, face it like this

It has been done in various research that a little stress is a part of life. We have to understand how to deal with stress. If you face the situations in the right way, then there will be no bad effects of stress. No matter how much work, no matter how much stress, take time to relax. If you have any problem then talk to your relatives and friends. The right solution to problems can relieve stress.

If you want to keep stress away, then keep yourself healthy. Eat well, do yoga-pranayam, and exercise. Walk, go swimming, run – do any kind of exercise for at least 35 minutes a day. By doing this, you will feel good and endorphins ie happy hormones that create happiness in the body will remain throughout the day.

If you want to get rid of stress, then definitely sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours a day. Scientists have now discovered that good sleep is strongly related to a healthy heart and a healthy brain. When we sleep, our brain processes information. Next time if you want an idea, then after researching the related topic, go to sleep, if you wake up you will get a great idea. Yes, it must be seen that after getting the idea, how much time will be available to make the presentation, because people who postpone the important work till the last minute, they remain under more stress.

Plan everything you do well. Before starting work on any plan, study the good and bad things. This will save you from unnecessary stress.

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