know the difference between these beauty treatments

know the difference between these beauty treatments

What do women do to make their faces beautiful? Takes all kinds of beauty treatments, whether at home or in the parlor. Women do some basic treatments at the parlor, such as cleanup, facials, and bleach. But do you also need to know about the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of these three? After all, along with beauty, it is also a question of taking care of the skin.


What is cleanup?

Cleanup is done to get rid of the problem of pigmentation, acne, tanning, dark circles, and tearfulness. In this, the massage steps are less compared to facials and there is also a difference in the timing of steaming. Apart from this, cleanup is the cheapest beauty treatment compared to these two. If you have the right knowledge of massage steps, then you can do it yourself.


Benefits of Cleanup

  • If you are more exposed to sunlight and pollution, then you must do facial cleanup before sleeping at night. It reduces facial spots and tiredness.
  • Cleanup is the best solution for skin-related problems in summer and winter. Due to this, the moisture remains on the face for a long time and the face looks clean and shiny.
  • Cleanup is the best option for those whose skin type is a dye, as it hydrates your skin. There is less sweating on dry skin, due to which dead cells accumulate on the face and the face starts looking patchy. In such a situation, the dead skin gets removed from the cleanup and the face looks fresh.
  • Apply face pack after cleanup as it locks the moisture on your face. Also, your face looks healthy and youthful. If you are around the age of 30, then do regular cleanups.
  • After one age, the production of collagen in the body (it tightens the skin) starts decreasing. Cleanup keeps the facial muscles tight and wrinkles appear late.


Disadvantages of Cleanup

  • If your skin is sensitive, then do not massage for a long time, it causes rashes on the face. ,
  • Choose the product very carefully while doing the cleanup, as everyone’s skin type is different. In such a situation, you may start having some kind of allergy problems like itching and burning.
  • Due to excessive cleaning, the moisture and hydration of the face start decreasing. That’s why we should clean up according to the need of the skin.


What is facial?

The facial removes the dirt accumulated on the skin and gives the skin a bright and uniform shape. Facials include cleansing, scrubbing, massaging, and steaming. Massage is done in a facial for a longer period as compared to a cleanup. This treatment is more expensive and better than the cleanup. Its effect remains on the face for a long time.

in how many days Women and girls whose age is 18 to 25, should get a facial once in two to two and a half months., women and girls aged 18 to 25 At the same time, the problem of anti-aging, such as wrinkles, dark circles, etc., increases after 30. So do a facial once a month.


Benefits of facials

  • Facials also reduce eye bags and dark circles under the eyes. During this, experts use cucumber, which gives coolness to the eyes. Cucumber contains vitamin K, which hydrates the skin under your eyes.
  • Facials improve blood flow to the face as well as increase cells in abundance. Provides oxygen and nutrients. This makes your cells healthy and gives glow and glow to the face.
  • During the facial, the experts open or clean your skin pores with the help of steam. Along with this, by removing dead cells, nails protect your face from acne and other skin-related problems.
  • During the facial, experts create a mask that hydrates the skin and unclogs pores. Apart from this, it also reduces hyperpigmentation.
  • Facials reduce blemishes and also improve the complexion of the face.


Disadvantages of facials

  • Before getting a facial, know your skin type because generally the same product is used for everyone in the beauty parlor. You may have a skin allergy after a facial if you have sensitive skin. can.
  • Due to excessive facials, the pH balance of the skin gets disturbed, due to which many types of skin-related problems start. Like getting pimples, dryness on the face, etc.
  • Due to prolonged massage and scrubbing on the face during the facial, the face becomes red, due to which there is a risk of skin infection.


What is bleach?

Bleach is entirely different from these two. It is a kind of chemical (hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent) which lightens the unwanted dark dark hair color of the face. It also enhances the complexion of the face. It is costlier than these two and its effect will be on the face only for 20 to 25 days.


Benefits of bleach

  • Bleach reduces the level of melanin on the face, which gives a glow to the face. Facial tanning disappears with bleach.
  • Bleaching reduces dark spots. Bleach also reduces the dead cells, and white and blackheads on the face.
  • Bleach to reduce suntan, line pigmentation, and uneven tone.
  • After bleach, apply aloe Vera gel on the face.


Disadvantages of Bleach

  • Some people may feel slight burning and itching after applying bleach to the skin.
  • If it goes inside the mouth while applying bleach on the face, there may be problems like thyroid, leukemia, liver damage, and hemolytic anemia.
  • If your skin is sensitive then it can also cause red patches on the face.
  • Excessive bleaching can thin the top layer of the face, which can increase the risk of skin cancer.
  • Bleach can cause problems like swelling in some people. Along with this, there may also be complaints of dark spots and acne on the skin.


Important advice: Before doing these three treatments, definitely consult a beauty expert.

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