How to Relieve Migraine Pain

How to Relieve Migraine Pain

Unbearable pain due to migraine problem. it happens. Today one out of every seven people suffers from migraine. There is a difference between migraine pain and headache. Migraine pain occurs on the right or left side of the head. This pain can last from 2 hours to 72 hours. Sometimes the patient gets warning signs before the pain starts so that he knows that a headache is about to happen. Migraine is a serious disease, which takes time to recover. Therefore, a person suffering from migraine needs to be aware of his health.


Symptoms and causes of migraine

In addition to headaches, symptoms include nausea, pain behind the eyes and ears, and increased sensitivity to light and sound. About 20 to 25 percent of people suffering from migraine also complain of problems in seeing and hearing. Migraine pain is caused by the enlargement of blood cells and the flow of chemicals through the nerve fibers. At the time of pain, the cell just below the head gets bigger. Due to this, a chemical starts flowing.


Keep these things in mind

(1). Experts say that people who have migraine problem should understand what things cause migraine, which medicines are effective, how much pain it hurts, does it happen during menstruation, and where it hurts. Apart from this, is there vomiting and difficulty in seeing and hearing?

(2). Lack of proper attention to food is the biggest reason for the problem of migraine. Due to lack of proper information about food, we eat anything. After this the problem of migraine starts. Special attention to food to avoid migraine pain Should give.

(3). When migraine pain occurs, people often take painkillers to avoid pain. They think that taking painkillers gives quick relief, it is true but later the dose of the painkiller causes harm. Therefore painkillers should not be taken without medical advice.

(4). Doctors say that women who are going through menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause are more prone to migraine problems. Therefore, to maintain the balance of hormones, they should eat food on time. It should be rich in protein and whole grains. Also, limit the consumption of sugar needed.


Do these remedies at home to stay away from migraine

Migraine is not only a type of severe headache but it is also a neurological condition that affects your visual and sound sensitivity. Some people also have vomiting along with headaches. Due to migraine, many people face many problems in their daily life. There is no fixed treatment for this, while to get rid of this pain, people eat different types of medicines. Let us tell you some ways by which you can reduce the pain of migraine.



It is possible that you are knowingly or unknowingly eating many such things which increase the risk of migraine and which increase the headache. If you have migraine, then there are some things you should avoid. It is better to stay away from things like cashew, red wine, alcohol, and chocolate.



Ginger is no less than any medicine for the pain of migraine. By consuming it, you will get relief from pain.



In acupressure, pressure is applied to certain points in the body, which provides relief in pain. Acupressure is beneficial in many types of pain and diseases. You can meet with an acupressure expert to learn how to apply pressure to the pressure points for migraine. After that, you can do it by yourself at home.


Stress management

Stress is a major cause of headaches and migraines. You should pay special attention to this. Meditate, listen to music and avoid unnecessary stress. Keep in mind, that the more stressed you are, the higher your risk of a migraine attack.


Yoga and exercise

Whenever you have a migraine attack, relax in a quiet room with the lights off. But do yoga and exercise in common time. This reduces your stress and relaxes the muscles. In this way, the risk of headaches is also reduced.

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