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How to Conquer Your Sadness?

Clouds of desperation often emerge unintentionally, unknowingly in the sun-shade of life. Sadness standing in a dark alley sometimes tarnishes our dreams and makes our future doubtful, and sometimes shakes our faith in such a way that it was once the wealth of our life and the power to lift us from despair. Sometimes they were insecure about the economic front, sometimes the claws of despair gradually caught their hold, sometimes in the desert of love, the darkness of despair scorched in the sun of disbelief. There are many turning points in the journey from bread to dreams, where a person can be disappointed, sad, and frustrated, but beyond this, by conquering sadness, we can touch the pinnacle of success.


 The Color of Sadness is the Worst

Due to various reasons, the color of sadness leaves the worst effect on the human mind. The mentality of sadness, nostalgia, or guilt is not only the biggest obstacle in the development of personality, but it is also against the progress of man. The mind of a person surrounded by mental depression is not engaged in any work. He cannot concentrate on any subject. It takes him hours to read even a page of a book. The nature of a person surrounded by sadness becomes irritable. He answers even the simplest thing in anger.

A person surrounded by mental depression does not take interest in life. Ordinary events, which give happiness to people, such as promotion, childbirth, and passing of children in examinations, etc. do not give him happiness. He becomes a source of dislike of people in his field of work and slowly his colleagues and family members keep away from him. The catchphrase of such people is – “Leave me alone”.

Radio, and TV to the people surrounded by sadness. Programs, children running, kicking, etc. do not like it. Laziness looms large over them since morning. They do not like leaving the bed, shaving daily, bathing, or wearing nice clothes. This type of person does not take Ravi in ​​any work, sports, or entertainment. They don’t feel hungry. They are not interested in luscious food. Rati Kriya also seems like a burden to them.

There is a change in the attitude of depressed, frustrated, and conflicted people. They have a feeling of worthlessness. They feel that they cannot do anything in life. They are worried about their small mistakes and keep thinking about them all the time. Their mind is to cry, to scream, to cry. They often have thoughts of suicide. With the thought of recovering from this sadness, many people become addicted to Yasanas. Due to intoxication, they feel that only for a while, if they overcome this problem!


Why depression?

There have been many examples of mental depression or low morale in Western countries. As India is getting industrialized, in the same way the ups and downs in the inner mind have become a common thing here too. As a result of this, many mental disorders are growing rapidly. Psychologists have named this condition psychotic depression.

Many well-known people in the world have also been suffering from mental depression. Very few people in India know that famous actor Dilip Kumar also suffered from mental depression at one point in time. While playing various tragic characters, his personality had become sad and he deviated from the reality of life. When he got his psychotherapy done in London. Then his perfect and balanced personality emerged.

American singer Michael Huss suffered from depression and committed suicide. Spodek Milligan suffered from mental suffocation so much that he locked himself in a room and refused to meet anyone. Winston Churchill also suffered from mental depression. Meena Kumari, a well-known actress on the Indian silver screen, also put all her dreams in the jam of alcohol to get rid of mental depression. Ultimately, this alcohol took him to his death. There are also many such cases when the person does not know any solution, then ultimately chooses the option of suicide.


There’s more to it than sadness

There are many types of psychotic depression. In medical terms, it is a state of mind when one becomes extremely depressed. This situation is of two types. The first condition is called ‘reactive depression. In this condition, the person expresses severe reactions to emotional problems. The second condition is that of Ekhojeka Depression. The fundamental basis of this situation is hard to find. Although both the moods are almost the same. But in both cases, there can be a lack of physical energy, failure to concentrate, and a feeling of self-worthlessness. Aamhatya Akshaya Suicide Desire This condition has serious consequences.

Psychotherapy is needed to overcome severe mental illnesses. Generally, at the root of mental illness, it is possible to have some physical ailment, such as diabetes or a sore throat. The best way to overcome mild mental depression is to be busy with your work. Leave the habit of being alone as much as possible. Go out with friends. Mixed with people. Have a lot of gossip and fun.

Instead of choking in your heart, reveal your heartache to Adhya Nanda from someone whom you consider to be your confidant. Psychiatrists often treat the patient only through conversation.


Get Rid of Depression

To get out of the deep maze of mental depression, you have to make some changes within yourself. For this, a positive attitude towards life has to be developed. You will also have to pay attention to those factors or elements, with the help of which you can complete your work efficiently.

You will also have to make some changes in your daily routine to drive away psychopaths. Occasionally change the way you go to the office. Maybe. May you see such a face that your whole day will be spent beautifully.

Even if you are really sad, pretend that you are very happy and content. There’s nothing wrong with laughing at a co-worker sometimes. Remember, if you cry, no one will cry with you. Yes, if you laugh, some people might come along to join in your laughter.


Importance of Human Touch

The human touch also gives energy to a person. Due to this, you feel energetic throughout the day. Never miss shaking hands with some people upon reaching the office. Psychologists say that hugs start a chemical process in the brain, which works to maintain a balanced and better mental state. In this way, mental depression gets self-medicated.

Today it has been proved scientifically true that personality is formed according to food and drink. There is also a saying:

The food should be like what you eat,

As you drink, that is how you speak.

Mental depression is directly related to food allergies. If you have a food allergy, the same food that will provide enthusiasm and energy to others will fuel your depression. When you make changes to your eating system, be sure to notice how your mood changes.

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