7 things to know before studying abroad

In 2 years, Corona has created havoc all over the world and students studying abroad have suffered the double whammy of this epidemic. Many students had to first go through the difficulties of foreign rules to come back to their country and then later to come back to their country under strict rules of quarantine. To make it not difficult for your child to study abroad, keep these things in mind:


Do full research

Submit complete information about the living modalities and rules of the country in which the child is going to study. For this, do not just rely on Google, but try to meet a child who has studied there before. Also, find out what are the rules for exchanging currency there. It is also important to know the facilities provided by the university where the child is going to study. The most important thing is how is the weather there and whether your child has any health problems due to a particular season, keep this information also.



Along with the passport, keep all those papers that allow you to study abroad. To open your bank account in that country, find out in advance the necessary proofs and keep them with you. Carry your health insurance papers with you. And if they are not valid abroad, then you should also know how to update them. Get it validated in advance for international transactions like ATMs etc.



In countries like Australia, America, Germany, and Russia, the winter season is completely different from the winter season in India. If going to these countries, then prepare clothes only after doing research beforehand, also find out about the adapter for charging electronic devices, etc. because the pattern of switch points is different in every country. Keep the travel guide of the country you are going to with you.


Preparation for living abroad

Every country is different culturally. There are language, dress, and some rules about which the people there are sensitive. It will be good if you learn the language of that country. Simply speaking English will not work in every country. Before going abroad, take the prescription for essential medicines from your travel doctor. If you want to make living abroad easier, then collect a little information about the history and politics of that place.


On arrival abroad

Make sure to register yourself within 24 hours upon arrival abroad. Although the rules of this are different in every country, if you register yourself in the Indian Embassy, ​​then you will have a lot of convenience in the future. In the last 2 years, due to the Corona or Russia Ukraine war, those students had to face difficulties whose information was not with the embassy.


Study also earn

Although this culture is rarely seen in India, it is very much in foreign countries. If your educational institution allows it, then you can earn some money along with your studies which can be useful in your further studies. In some countries, a local permit has to be taken for this, and somewhere a work permit is required. If you have extra money, it will be of great help to you in the event of war and epidemic.


International Student Identity Card

There are many benefits during the journey of this card. Along with local traveling, some shopping centers can also get discounts from this card. To get it, visit the website of ISIC. After uploading some proofs, it can also be made online from here. In some countries, using this card, you can also get discounts on food and lodging. Along with all these things, it is most important to prepare yourself mentally to live abroad. Therefore the first few days, you will have to help yourself in everything, so prepare yourself mentally in advance.

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